Chopin is our dream of a Ruby male                                                                                                                                                                    

He is from Seldec i Tjekkiet 

Chopin is born the 2. december 2009 


He is a very happy boy and a real lady-killer and such a cuddly boy


Chopin isr dna tested FREE from both EFS and CCS 

Juni 2011 -  mislyd 0 - prolaps 1 = 0,1 Approved for breeding



Chopin is approved for breeding by the Danish Kennel Club and Cavalierclub and is offered as stud-dog for sutible DKK/FCI bitches



Tønder 2. april 2011 = Very Good

Varde 21. august 2011 = Very Good

Silkeborg 28. august 2011 = Very Good

Skue Sæby 10. september 2011 = Excellet, 1. vinder i Mellemklassen

Bjerringbro 17. september 2011 = Very Good


We have stoped taking Chopin to the Shows as he hates is - so we are not going to force him to do something he is not happy with.



Stambogsnr. DK03659/2010 eller CMKU/CKC/11269/09


Here are more Pictures of Chopin: Chopin Galleri

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