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Get to know is

Who are we?

CAVALIERBYEN -  is a warm home breeding og Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - where we set the dogs welfare as first priority - together with the puppies well being cuz we want to give them the best start to life

CAVALIERBYEN - is situated in these beautiful and scenic surroundings in Hjørring in North Jutland - Denmark

CAVALIERBYEN -has 11 beautiful Cavalier, 4 males and 7 females - They are cared for and cuddled by Daddy Lars and Mummy Lotte.
We also have a daughter Zara who lives permanently with us, and then we have Lars's 3 boys, Victor, Sebastian and Frederik living with us on half-time. And all the 4 children are participation in the cuddle and play with our dogs and they all love it .

Besides our 11 Cavalier we also have 3 Great Swiss Mountaindog - Greydy which is great big loving fluff-ball and two girls Evita and Elektra.


For us it is very important that dogs are a part of our everyday life and therefore live in the house – which means there are no places where the dogs are not allowed - this often ends in  6 people and 11 dogs on the sofa in the evening – we just love it !

Daddy Lars - is home with the dogs every day because of a work injury in his back - which means that our dogs are never left alone.

All our dogs are specially selected and brought home from abroad - and it has been very important to us that their pedigree are as good as possible and fit into our high standards.

All our dogs are registered in The Danish Kennel Club - but has original FCI or ACK pedigrees.

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