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Cavalier Care


We spend a lot of time to nurture our Cavalier dogs - partly because we enjoy the time together, but also because their long fur requires care - otherwise it quickly becomes large tangled lumpy knots.


- We brush our dogs a few times a week to keep knots and dirt away.
-The males we prefer to brush daily - since they have a somewhat longer coat and thereby easier gets knots and tangles.
- We wash our dogs  1-2 times a month - because we exhibit them.
- We use special shampoo and conditioner and a hair treatment - get to keep their hair beautiful and shiny.



- We cut our dogs' hair between the paws - when necessary - so that their pads are always free.
- We NEVER cut hair on top of the feet, nor the long hair that grows between the top of the paws - ONLY the fur under paw must be cut.
- In Winter we add paw wax for protection
- Their nails should be cut as needed - and we are doing this ourselves - the importance of a good nail clipper is imperative so there is no twisting of the nail because it hurts the dog and then he becomes afraid of having the nails clipped even when he just sees the clipper – we get the puppies used to have their nails cut from an early age.


- Because the dogs have long ears with a lot of hair - they often require a loving hand and through brushing.
- We also clean dirt and ear wax - otherwise the dogs gets very smelly ears and sometimes you need special ear-cleaning-liquid to dissolve the wax.
- We NEVER cut their ears in "shape" – It is not allowed for exhibitions.
Da hundene har lange ører med meget pels - kræver de også tit og ofte en kærlig hånd og gennembørstning.


- Cavalier can have a tendency to have wet and protruding eye - it can be kept down by very gently massaging the corner of their eyes.

- Just like us humans get dogs tartar – we keep it down with some very hard biscuits or chew bones.
- We  eliminate the little amount of tartar which is unavoidable - with special finger toothbrushes and if it is very bad, you can take your dog to the vet and have his teeth cleaned.

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